Online Ray-tracer

The Online Ray-tracer allows you to determine your own ray-traced delays for observations in the microware spectrum. Ray-traced delays before the year 2008 are based on the ERA-Interim Numerical Weather Models, those from the year 2008 onwards are based on operational Numerical Weather Models, both provided by the ECMWF. Observations before the year 1980 cannot be processed.

The output file (.radiate) will be sent to the email address provided in the form below. For this purpose, we need to save the email address, but it will not be used for any other purpose nor passed to any third party. Mind that due to performance reasons the number of observations is limited to 100 lines.

Input Form

1. Email address

Please enter your email address here. The ray-tracing results will be sent to this address.

2. Observation technique

Please choose one of the observation techniques below.
Make sure to enter only stations that are named in the respective station coordinate file doris.ell, gnss.ell, or vlbi.ell to the observation input in the next step.

3. Observation input

Please use the following input format for the four columns:

  1. Modified Julian Date:  F11.5    (no leading spaces)
  2. Station name:     2X,A8    (as listed in the station coordinate file, no spaces in the name)
  3. Azimuth [rad]:     2X,F17.15
  4. Elevation [rad]:    2X,F17.15  (no line break after the last input line)

53471.70856  NYALES20  1.218255169340251  0.437707742402452
53471.70856  WETTZELL  1.067042545998244  0.224204632314359
53471.70876  WESTFORD  4.092016472325890  0.456109757784886
53471.71149  GILCREEK  5.757777315909077  0.301069010717596

Thank you for using our Online Ray-tracer.
You will receive an email with the ray-traced delays (.radiate file) attached in a few minutes. You might need to check your spam folder.


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